LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Louisville Representative Attica Scott (D) and her daughter were among those in the crowd downtown Friday night. Scott says they were there to honor the life of Breonna Taylor.


What You Need To Know

  • Rep. Attica Scott says she & daughter were attacked by LMPD/KSP during protest

  • Say they received no warning of tear gas

  • Mayor and LMPD unaware of incident


“My daughter who definitely wanted to go show up. She’s a young black woman. She had dreams of being an EMT, and for her to witness what we are going through right now -- Breonna’s murder. She wanted to show up in solidarity of the justice as well,” Representative Scott said.

Scott, like many, has said the protests were peaceful at first but then quickly turned.

“We started seeing armed paramilitary people following the protesters and lining up its almost as if we were being blocked in because they were lining up in different streets of town. And my goodness, it just escalated so quickly they did nothing to warn us. They at no point and time said "disperse, please disperse." Nothing, no "this is your final warning." No words to us at all. They just immediately started throwing these tear gas cannons at us, and that caused immense chaos. And before it was so peaceful,” Representative Scott said.


Mayor Greg Fischer (D) was asked about Scott's claims that she and her daughter were "attacked" by Louisville Metro Police and/or Kentucky State Police. Fischer said he wasn't aware of the situation but apologized for it happening and asked incident commander Colonel LaVita Chavous if she had details. Chavous was also unaware of Scott's situation but said it is an LMPD procedure for officers to issue "dispersal orders" before firing tear gas. Chavous said a complaint could be filed with LMPD's professionals standard unit and an investigation would take place. 

Scott says the important thing to remember during all of the chaos is to move forward. 

“We cannot give up. We have to keep showing up. We are here. 

We woke up. We are alive. We are breathing. The least we can do for Breonna, who's no longer here; whose life mattered; whose life still had a purpose. The least we can do is continue to show up for her until justice is truly served,” 

Scott says she plans on peacefully protesting again Saturday night.