FRANKFORT, Ky. — Governor Andy Beshear announced on Thursday evening that childcare centers could possibly reopen with the roll out of his 'Phase II' plan, sometime after the May 25 date completes 'Phase I.' Beshear said he's considering it, but is keeping daycares closed for the time being since small children can't really follow social distancing guidelines. 

"In trying to be healthy at work, we've got to figure out this challenge to make sure that we don't take our contacts and immediately grow them exponentially," said Governor Beshear. 

Community Coordinated Childcare, or 4-C, has been monitoring all things childcare during the coronavirus pandemic. Workers at daycare facilities across the Commonwealth are furloughed and laid-off, many qualify for unemployment.  

"For those people that are getting ready to go back to work, they're having to make decisions on what they're gonna do with their kiddos," 4-C's Dawn Thompson explains the problem from the ground. 

All she can suggest for now, is for parents to look within family for help with childcare, try to work from home. 

Thompson explains, "we have family childcare homes, which are people that provide childcare in their homes. And those folks are regulated through the Division of Regulated Childcare here in the state of Kentucky. Though fortunately, those folks are closed as well. So if you are looking for childcare right now it's gonna be on an unregulated basis," and so she doesn't recommend putting children in unlicensed and unregulated care.