LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Christine Moore is temporarily trading hat-making, for mask making. 

The famous hat designer and constructor is the featured milliner of Kentucky Derby 146 but began designing and making masks when she saw a need from the healthcare community. 

Her entire staff at Christine A. Moore Millinery is in on the support efforts, too. Moore says she will continue to make the protective gear for as long as possible, using the materials she has for making hats. 

"It was just part of my whole world. So it didn't really matter that it was a face mask or a hat really because it was an item that I was creating," Moore says of making the switch to protective gear. 

Her business would usually be booming as Derby patrons submit special orders, and shops sell her unique items. Aside from profits from some hat orders already filled, Moore is working without the revenue and donating the gear she's crafting to people for free. 

"I want to get over this. That's the thing. I want our medical workers to be safe because I can't even give a shot. I prick my finger and I feel like I'm going to faint. So if I can't pitch in for them, I have to do something to help them stay healthy," Moore explains. 

She's accepting donations online. Based in New York, she's been getting the supplies to healthcare staff in New York City. Recently, she began sending masks to people in the Bluegrass, as well.