LEXINGTON, Ky. — A Central Kentucky based emergency disaster services company is donating specialized mobile housing trailers to help 600 people living in a Lexington homeless shelter maintain proper social distancing.

Emergency Disaster Services has crews that are headed to hard hit areas of the U.S. like Miami, Boston and New York to build and maintain large triage units that will help healthcare centers reduce the massive influx of patients being treated for COVID-19.

"This is different, a different than a tornado or a hurricane or a forest fire. This is territory that none of us have been in before. So, we have developed a system to deploy our assets and make them functional and useful during this crisis," explains Alissa Lundergan-Tibe of Emergency Disaster Services.

The mobile trailers are 53 feet long and can be fully equipped with climate control, bunk beds and individual outlets for personal devices or breathing units.

And, along with being available to assist states in need of mobile triage units, as they battle growing number of COVID-19 cases, EDS is also providing relief to one of Lexington’s most vulnerable populations, those experiencing homelessness.

"Obviously the close quarters of those facilities won't work for a hospital setting. However, they would work for the Hope Center so they could disperse some of the residents so they're not all sleeping in one community right. So we've taken taken two trailers over to the Hope Center, so they can put 10 or 15 guys in each trailer to kind of spread out their community," adds Lundergan-Tibe.

The Hope Center recently rceived two 36 sleeper units from EDS so their clients can safely distance while sleeping.

In addition to building and maitaining mobile housing trailers, EDS's workload focuses on the utility workforce and utility providers during hurricanes, tornadoes and forest fires.