WASHINGTON, DC— Sunday afternoon, Senator Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, announced he has tested positive for cornavirus.

In his Facebook post, Paul says he doesn't have any symptoms and was tested because of his extensive travel and events schedule.  He will remain quarantined and has had very little contact with his staff, since most are working remotely.  He doesn't know how he caught COVID-19.

Spectrum News 1's Washington DC reporter, Eva McKend reached out to the senator's office and Sergio Gor, Paul's Deputy Chief of State said,  "Similar to the President and the Vice President, Senator Rand Paul decided to get tested after attending an event where two individuals subsequently tested positive for COVID-19, even though he wasn't aware of any direct contact with either one of them. Additionally, due to a prior lung injury, and subsequent surgery on his lung, Senator Paul is in a higher risk category as it relates to pulmonary issues."



Senator Mitt Romney, R-Utah, says he is now going to self-quarantine after sitting next to Paul at an event.  He posted this statement on his Twitter page.





Paul also took to Twitter to refute some reports about him going to the gym after testing positive



Kentucky Representative John Yarmuth, D-3rd District, was also tested for the virus after attending an event with someone who tested positive.  His test results were negative.