SIMPSONVILLE, Ky. - As efforts to rescue several free-roaming horses continue, a filly was recovered from the Eastern Kentucky strip mine site where 20 other horses were found shot to death weeks ago. The filly is believed to be the daughter of Hope, a 15-year-old mare who is in foal and also recovered from the site. The new rescue, Hope, and her colt Knox, are all staying at the Kentucky Humane Society's equine stables Willow Hope Farm in Simpsonville. 

Dumas Rescue was able to capture the filly from the site on Saturday. They were trying to rescue four horses, total, but the other three spooked at sounds of a rifle being fired in the distance. They escaped the rescue efforts. The newly rescued filly is named Diamond. 

"Diamond, as we are calling this filly, is a feral horse with limited exposure to people- and probably much of this exposure was not positive," the Kentucky Humane Society wrote in a Facebook update post. "Dumas Rescue arrived with Diamond at our farm last night. Diamond was scared, but calmed down as soon as she saw her mother and brother. Knox and Diamond appear to have a strong bond, and we are glad that Diamond has been reunited with her family."



Dumas Rescue is collecting donations to help them continue to be able to rescue free-roaming horses, and will keep trying to rescue the remaining three survivor horses. The Kentucky Humane Society is educating people on free-roaming horses in areas of mountainous Eastern Kentucky.