FRANKFORT, Ky. - Republican Daniel Cameron has officially been sworn in as Kentucky’s 51st Attorney General.

Cameron was sworn in after Gov. Andy Beshear signed an executive order appointing him to his post early.

With his swearing-in Tuesday Cameron made history, becoming the first male African-American statewide officeholder in Kentucky history and the first Republican to hold the office since 1948. The historical significance is not lost on Cameron.

“I think it says a lot about Kentuckians who made the decision to give me an opportunity to serve in this role and they cared was what my vision was for this office and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve,” Cameron said. “I hope it says to people that look like me, regardless of what your political affiliation is, not only can you cast your ballot in an election but you can also put your name on that ballot and you will be judged on your merit, and your talent and your skills rather than the color of your skin.” 

Cameron says he is looking forward to giving a voice to Kentuckians who may have been ignored by the state government before.

“I hope to be a sounding board for them, I hope to be a representative of them and I hope they recognize that the attorney general’s office will continue to do good work on their behalf,” Cameron said.

The past four years the attorney general’s office and the governor’s office were often at odds, at the swearing-in ceremony Beshear and Cameron were fostering a sense of bipartisanship.

“The new attorney general and I have known each other for a significant period of time. I know that he is intelligent, I know that he is compassionate, and while sometimes we may disagree on some things I know he comes from a good place and his convictions are real,” Beshear said before signing the executive order. “I believe that it what is going to make our relationship so positive and I hope so powerful for the people of Kentucky.”

Cameron was appointed to the rest of Beshear’s term. He will begin the term he was elected to on January 6, 2020.