LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Mental health is important to talk about, but some shy away because of the cost. Some Kentucky universities offer a win-win situation. Their student psychologists-in-training provide reduced therapy services to the community in exchange for practice in their future career. Louisville’s Spalding University does just that at the Center for Behavioral Health (CBH).

“I provide individual therapy services. Right now I am doing individual trauma treatment, as well as mindfulness-based and some self-esteem work with the clients I am seeing right now,” doctoral practicum student, C.J. Haynes said.

The mission is two-fold, accessibility and to prepare students for their career.

“I see a lot of clients from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, that may not be able to afford services elsewhere,” Haynes explained.  She added, “Or may not be able to be seen every week like we’re able to do here.”

The hours count towards graduation requirements, and each student therapist is supervised by a licensed psychologist.

“We get a lot of the, ‘Can they handle me,’ kind of questions,” Hanye’s clinical supervisor, Norah Chapman said. “Our students, by the time they get to us, have had at least one to two years of doctoral level coursework that help them to know how to navigate difficult situations, navigate emergency situations, and they have a lot of tools in their tool belt to be able to work with a wide variety of folks,” Chapman, who also serves as the center’s director, told Spectrum News 1.

The fees for therapy sessions are based on a sliding scale, dependent on household size and income, and range from $10 to $80. CBH also offers psychological assessments, such as ADHD testing, which cost more. However, the center wants to work with people to work out a fee that works for their situation.

“If folks are struggling with the payment, where they land on the sliding scale fee, they can apply for fee reduction or temporary scholarship funds,” Chapman explained.

CBH also offers services over videoconference and by phone so anyone across Kentucky can access their services. 

Spalding University’s center isn’t the only one like it in Kentucky.

University of Louisville’s graduate-level students in the College of Education and Human Development provide free individual, couples, and family therapy for West Louisville residents via its Cardinal Success Program

In Lexington, The Harris Center at the University of Kentucky provides many psychotherapy and testing services to the community based on a sliding scale. The initial consultation is $20.

Eastern Kentucky University’s Psychology Clinic offers services on a sliding scale from $6-$50 for those living in the Richmond and surrounding Central and Eastern Kentucky communities.

Murray State University’s Counseling and Assessment Center offers workshops, diagnostic assessments, and counseling services to the local community. Counseling is $10 per session.

If a university in your area isn’t listed, reach out to their Psychology, Education, or Human Services or Development Colleges to inquire if their department has a similar program with services.