LOUISVILLE, Ky.-- Kyle Plush's mother, Jill, is traveling the country to tell her son's story. On Saturday morning, she stopped by MetroSafe Louisville. The Cincinnati teenager died on April 10, 2018, after he was trapped in a minivan in the 16-year-old's school parking lot. Although Kyle was able to get Siri on his phone to call 911 twice, first responders did not find him in time before he suffocated. Jill believes he'd be alive today, had dispatchers been their "best selves" on that April day more than a year ago.

That's why she's traveled to 51 dispatch centers in nine months' time, and told her son's story to encourage the people taking the phone calls. The Kyle Plush Foundation also urges call centers across the country to use GPS mapping technology. 

"Each telecommunicator, when they answer the call, they need to keep in mind the person who's on the other end of the phone and that they are possibly saving their life that day," Plush said.

She spoke with Louisvillians, who were touched by her story.