LOUISVILLE, Ky- An event meant to highlight unity among the Democratic party didn't go as planned for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andy Beshear after he seemingly misspoke. 

The stop at a Heine Brothers Coffee in Louisville with former opponent Adam Edelen was meant to highlight the juxtaposition between the two parties, where Democrats are coming together, while Republicans can't even get along with each other. 

During a speech to supporters in the coffee shop, the usually well rehearsed Beshear said President Trump, instead of Matt Bevin. 

"This is an opportunity not just to stop the negative policies of Donald Trump but to come all come together," he told the crowd. 

Governer Bevin has largely tried to make his campaign about his relationship with President Trump, but this was the first time Beshear has mentioned the president in one of his campaign speeches. While a statement like this went well with the crowd in the Highlands in Louisville, it may not play as well in the rest of state where Trump won by double digits.

It didn't take long for the Republican Party of Kentucky to upload a video and release a statement.

“Andy Beshear confirmed what we already knew – he is the same as Washington D.C. liberals like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama – and they’ll stop at nothing to obstruct the reforms and results of President Donald Trump, Governor Bevin, and our Republican leaders,” Republican Party of Kentucky spokesman Mike Lonergan said in a statement. “Governor Matt Bevin is partnering with President Trump to take Kentucky’s economy to new heights – like record-low unemployment, the most private-sector investment we’ve ever seen, the largest workforce in state history and more. Kentuckians can’t afford the petty, partisan obstructionism of Andy Beshear and his D.C. liberal allies.”

The Republican Governors Association, which released a new TV ad highlighting Bevin's relationship with Trump earlier in the day, also jumped on the story sending out their own release with the comments. 

The Beshear campaign is defending his comments. 

"As Andy has said, he will work with any one, including the President when his policies help Kentucky—like when his administration helped fund Andy's cold case unit—and oppose him when his policies hurt our families," Campaign Manager Eric Hyers said. "The president is wrong on health care which is why Andy is suing to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Matt Bevin is a weak and failed governor who is trying to hide behind the president because he can't win on his own record."