LEXINGTON, Ky. – Governor Andy Beshear directed nursing homes and retirement facilities to ask visitors to stay away.

It’s a measure to keep Kentucky’s older population safe from the spread of coronavirus.

But, families and facilities are finding creative ways to stay connected.

Doug Flynn had a window visit with his father that was facilitated by Sayre Christian Village.

“It was pretty cool,” said Flynn. “I got an opportunity to see my dad smile today and hear a little bit of his funniness and his jokes.”

Sayre Christian Village wants the safety of the residents and staff to be their top priority. However, they also want to make sure families stay connected during these hard times.

The emotion from both family members and the residents, we knew we hit the right spot and it was something we had to continue doing and try to make it work for them,” said Karen Venis, the CEO of Sayre Christian Village.

Sayre Christian Village has also tried to set up video chats and phone calls with families to keep contact open between residents and their family members.

Flynn said he knows the safeguards are in place to protect the most vulnerable.

“It’s making the best out of a situation like this,” said Flynn.

Sayre Christian Village is Fayette County’s only nonprofit retirement community and they rely heavily on donations.

If you’re interested in their latest fundraising push, click here.