This is an encore episode. To listen to the original podcast from Dec. 17, 2021, click here.

Republicans talk in headlines, Democrats speak in fine print, so how can those on the Left do a better job of messaging? Last December, Ben Meiselas, host of "The MeidasTouch" podcast, joined us to talk about creating an effective political message and why many Democrats are lousy at it.

Plus, Rep. Katie Porter shared her approach for selling the American public on the Build Back Better Act. 

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Southern Californians may be short on time but they are never short on curiosity. Every Friday, Spectrum News 1 political reporter and anchor Alex Cohen gives listeners the important local news and information SoCal needs to know in one fell swoop.

In just about 17 minutes, listeners will get informed on the issues affecting Southern California. Featuring occasional interviews with SoCal newsmakers, “SoCal in 17” is the definitive weekly podcast for those living in and around Los Angeles.​​

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