ANAHEIM, Calif. – Just steps away from the magic of the Disneyland, hotel workers are learning about the wonders of voting.

Juan Parra has only been a U.S. citizen for two years and this is the first time he will be able to vote in a presidential election.

“I vote for kids, for the people who don’t have any vote, for people who don’t have any papers, for the Latino people, I vote for you guys,” Parra said.

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The Mexican–born American is taking part in the first area ballot party sponsored by the Unite Here 11 union along with the Orange County Democrats. Here workers, many of which are non-English speaking, will learn about the voting process.

“Well we want to make sure we get a buzz going about voting. It’s imperative for us to highlight the issue and make it sexy for voters in our industry and for Latinos, said Ada Briceno, who organized the event.

In many ways, it is a celebration of democracy. Some of the workers even turned in their ballot early for the upcoming primary. It is why Parra encouraged his friends to come out to make their voices heard.

“More votes. They are very important for the people,” Parra said.

Parra is supporting Bernie Sanders, but what he really values is his citizenship, and the freedom to choose his own leaders.

“I’m very happy. I’m very proud. I’m very, very proud. I’m very happy. It’s a wonderful dream I’m living in right now,” said Parra.

After a lunch break filled with the spirit of civic unity, Parra heads back to work, living what is his American dream.

It was just the first ballot party of election season. There will be many more here in Orange County as we get closer to November.