CALIFORNIA – The District Delegate Election is one most people don’t know about. It happens every two years, and chooses who will represent the Democratic Party at the State Convention.

  • District Delegate election to be held on January 12
  • Chooses who will represent Democrats at State Convention
  • Kristina Wong hopes to become assembly district delegate

Kristina Wong is a performance artist by day, and now one of 14 people on the Ordinary Citizens slate, a group of ordinary people hoping to be voted in as an assembly district delegate. Wong said most of her campaign is explaining what the election is.

In the state of California, there are 80 state assembly districts. Each assembly district elects an assembly member. In each district there are 14 elected delegates who represent the Democratic Party, who keep the assembly members accountable. 

Wong and her running mates belong to the 53rd District, which covers areas like Boyle Heights, Koreatown, downtown Los Angeles, and more. There are districts all around the city, and across the state electing delegates in the next few weeks. They all have one goal.

“We represent our communities and we shape the platform of the Democratic Party,” said Wong.

They also act as the voice of their communities and want to do whatever little bit they can to make a difference.

“We have to stop thinking of change from happening on the top on down. This is a grassroots way for people to have their voices heard. You can elect people who are activists and who will work directly with the Democratic Party and voice our opinions of the community,” said Wong.

Wong never thought she would be running for an elected position. She is known for making social commentary through her performances, skits, and plays. Now Wong said she can use her vision to make real change.

“For people who never imagined themselves as leaders. This is our moment to take our creative voices and get people to listen and follow us,” said Wong.

These elections are taking place all around LA and you can have a say in who will be a delegate. Wong said this election may be small, but it is a chance to have your voice heard.

The 53rd District Elections are Saturday, January 12 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The Boys and Girls Club of Estrada Courts. 

Click here for more information on your district with voting locations, candidates, and more.