Southern California has plenty of opportunities for people to get involved with their community, volunteer and give a helping hand. On this episode of Inside the Issues, we are talking to people who are making a positive influence in the world around them.

"I Would Work"

One program, Would Works, helps those who are homeless find temporary work to help pay for immediate needs, like a bus ride home or clothes for an interview. Program Director Lee Buchanan and participant Marella Du Ree explain what the program is, the skills that are taught and how it is giving those who are homeless some hope.

Mentoring Offers Hope

Mentoring is another way of helping someone and Dr. Kay Ramsey, executive branch director of Bethany Christian Services La Mirada, knows that world very well and now works to help others who are in need of guidance. As a mentee of Joe Rouzan she was able to find direction in life and in her career. Rouzan, the Executive Director of the Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation, talks about the benefits of being a mentor and what it has been like seeing Ramsey’s progress.

Access to LGBTQ Books for Kids

After Morgan Walsh’s son expressed to her that he didn’t feel like he fit in with the other boys at school the mom took it upon herself to make sure kids had access to books with characters that looked like them and had the same interests as them. She teamed up with Keiko Feldman and the two founded Gender Nation. They talk about how they began partnering with schools to donate these books for children who want to read about other kids.

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