EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — The savage images coming out of the Israel-Hamas war have traumatized the world, especially with the slaughtering of innocent infants and children.

With rage and heartbreak flaring on both sides, it’s hard to imagine a pathway forward, reconciliation or peace of any kind with such brutality. However, there is a parents group that’s doing just that.

It’s called The Parents Circle Families Forum — a peace organization for Israeli and Palestinian families who’ve lost loved ones to this conflict.

Two members joined Spectrum News — each has lost a child in past conflict and work together toward peace, finding in each other a shared humanity.

Robi Damelin lost her son, David, to a palestinian sniper while working in the IDF reserves.

Bassam Aramin lost his daughter, Abir, when she was shot by an Israeli guard at the age 10.

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