LOS ANGELES – The start of a father’s journey to reunite with his son begins with Dennis Koonce about to fly to Phoenix and then to Georgia. However, instead of the normal crowds at the Los Angeles International Airport, due to COVID-19, terminals were virtually empty.

What You Need To Know

  • Dennis Koonce is traveling to Georgia to reunite with son

  • He must wear a mask at LAX and while aboard the plane

  • Air travel has increased nationwide over the last two weeks

  • At least one seat between each passengers

“I’m only 23, so you know, this is the first time something like this has happened since I’ve been alive,” Koonce said.

Those who are traveling, like Koonce, must all wear masks in the airport and on the flight. For Koonce this is not just some quick getaway. He is going to pick up his son and bring him back home for summer.


 “It’s kind of like I don’t want to put him at risk, but if I had the chance to go get him, then I will take it,” Koonce said.

To get his son Koonce has had to endure the eerie feeling of half empty planes and virtually no snack and beverage service. Additionally, flights must have at least one seat separating passengers.

“I think it’s something you should keep in mind but I take they’re taking it just a little too far in some cases,” said Koonce.

Although, flying is strange in the world of the COVID-19, it seems people are ready to take to the air. Air travel increased 40 percent on May 25 in comparison to a week earlier, on May 18, according to the Transport Security Administration.

For people like Koonce, it is essential travel. His only concern will be the return flight with his young boy.

“Him getting sick or something is mainly what I’m concerned about,” said Koonce.

But the father said it is a worthwhile journey to reunite with his son.