LOS ANGELES — Restaurants in L.A. County are once again limited to pick-up or delivery to serve the community.

Say It Ain’t So is a new plant-based, fast food concept that relies on their takeout window, which is well-suited for the pandemic times.

What You Need To Know

  • Say It Ain't So is a new plant-based fast food concept in L.A.

  • Restaurants are once again limited to pick-up or delivery, so Say It Ain't So relies on its takeout window

  • The plant-based pop-up is "100% a product of the pandemic"

  • Say It Ain't So is located at 1644 West Temple St.

Owner of the fast food joint Chris Olsefsky has mastered the unique menu with hopes of reimagining vegetables to resemble our favorite meats.

"We didn’t want our menu to be entirely focused on processed plant-based products," said Olsefsky. "We use simple vegetables. We use carrots. We use mushrooms."

In the beginning of the pandemic, the restaurant where Olsefsky worked had to close, and he found himself without a job. After enjoying a little bit of a break, he got to work, never thinking he would open a vegan pop-up in the middle of this tumultuous time.

"This is 100% a product of the pandemic," he said. "I watched my savings dwindle, and it was either take a chance on myself and start my own thing or sit and wait longer."

But it ended up being the ideal moment to start a fast food take-out window. Olsefsky actually never plans on transitioning into a sit-down experience, so this location is a perfect fit. Say It Ain’t So is currently taking over Tamales Alberto in Filipinotown at night when they are closed.

"They’re still in business," said Osefsky. "They close at 3 p.m., and it’s been sitting here empty. It’s a segue-way from doing it at bars or popping up on the street. I wanted a permanent home, and this came together and worked out."

Now he can continue to perfect his plant-based burgers, fries, and hot dogs. He actually transforms a carrot into a salty dog. The vegetable is cured, smoked, and then grilled to recreate the ball park staple.

"It’s still sweet, but saltier than your regular carrot," he said.

Then he tops it with chili — made from beans and "impossible meat" — and some house-made, vegan nacho cheese. It's the star of the menu.

“Everyone’s favorite dirty secret, but maybe slightly healthier,” said Olsefsky.

Grab a burger or dog from this casual takeout window at 1644 West Temple St. Ordering online is available through DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates for pickup and delivery.