SANTA CLARITA, Claif. — Some buy a costume but not Harper Woodworth. For her, Halloween takes months of planning. 

"I love it so much! It's my favorite time of the year," Harper said as she showed off her latest costume. 

What You Need To Know

  • Many Halloween events are back as COVID-19 infections decline

  • The city of Santa Clarita held its annual "Zombie Run"

  • They also added a new event, a floating pumpkin patch

  • Some families say they will take safety precautions this year

With help from her mother, she made "The Claw" costume from the movie "Toy Story 3." She made the costume to wear last year but didn't get to wear it because Halloween events were canceled. "The Claw" is just one of more than 30-costumes she wears during October.

Even on this day, Harper did a costume change to take part in the city of Santa Clarita's zombie run. It's these events that she looks forward to each year.

"That's why we decided to pull this one out this year because I didn't get to do any costume contests or any fun stuff last year," she said. 

The lower rate of COVID-19 transmissions in California means Halloween events are back, and Woodworth can run around with zombies.

The city of Santa Clarita also added a new event, the floating pumpkin patch. While children like 10-year-old Emily Gaviria are happy, she's also being cautious. 

"We have to wear a mask so if other people cough we don't get it," she said. 

Her father, Daniel Gaviria, has already gone over the rules for trick or treating on Halloween night.

"Hand sanitizer in the pocket every time," he said.

Emily also will have to wait to get home to eat any candy because they plan to rinse it off first. They also plan on leaving candy out for trick or treaters coming to their home; that way, there's less contact. 

Harper is happy to be running around with zombies this year after last year's disappointment. 

"It was very tiring and it was kind of scary too because they kept chasing me," she said.

While Harper won't be rinsing her candy, at least some of her costumes will have a built-in mask.