LOS ANGELES – Adapting to distance learning is just one of the many challenges students are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic. As more educational systems and workplaces keep their doors closed, college students and recent graduates are losing out on valuable internship and mentorship opportunities.

What You Need To Know

  • Peter Csathy and wife Luisa created virtual industry opportunities for students losing out on internships during the pandemic

  • CREATV University was created during the pandemic as an industry give-back for students trying to learn more about music, tech, media and entertainment

  • The online hub has created 10 internships and one job for students

  • The online hub connects students seeking mentors, internships, Q and A sessions, and job opportunities with industry leaders

“I really do miss being on campus," Edith Martinez, a UCLA student, said. "It was so, like, nice to walk to class and it’s like a break from being on the screen, just going from one class to another, and now I’m very burnt out."

In the past, Martinez was able to gain some experience from two internships that helped her narrow down her future path as she gets closer to graduation. But as the pandemic continues, she is finding it harder to find internships in the entertainment industry.

“It makes me feel very anxious about how I can enter the industry. I feel that they’re not getting to know me entirely and I can’t really express who I am and everything that I have to offer through a Zoom meeting,” Martinez said.

That is, until she learned about CREATV University. Martinez is one of many college students taking part in CREATV’s free online resources, which connect high school, college and recent graduate students interested in entertainment, tech, media, and the music industry with some of the leading experts.

The online hub has already connected students with TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer, Mondo Media CEO John Evershed, and others through Q and A sessions, mentorship, internships, and job opportunities. The program was created within the last two months by Peter Csathy and his wife Luisa to help students break into these industries.

“The kids who have already been drawn in to CREATV University are go-getters, they are passionate, they want to learn, they’re hungry for opportunity and it’s so easy to give when you have that kind of energy that’s behind it,” Peter said.

So far, the program created 10 internships and one job opportunity. Martinez is hopeful to land another internship in this industry. In the meantime, she is gaining valuable marketing experience by working with the CREATV University team.

“I feel that they genuinely want to help us they open themselves to being our mentors. They give us their email, they share advice that we otherwise would not have known,” Martinez said.

While this pandemic has been difficult for students like Martinez to adjust, she’s grateful to see industry leaders share their experience and help others like her virtually break into the industry.