MARINA DEY REY, Calif. – Major airlines are reporting billions of dollars in losses this quarter due to coronavirus. TSA numbers are also staggering with around 570,000 travelers reported on July 22 as opposed to the same day last year where the numbers were over 2.5 million.

Many who are staying at home are looking for staycation opportunities in their own neighborhoods.

Enjoying the saltwater life is what husband and wife duo Linda and Rob Kessler grew up doing. They bonded over their love for boating and letting lose on the water.

“I think it’s fun for people. I call it adults having fun,” said Linda Kessler.

The couple manages a charter business for The Bella in Marina del Rey. This was a natural side hustle for Kessler, one that compliments her primary career as a Hollywood stuntwoman.

“And during COVID we are all out of business unfortunately,” said Kessler.

That means she now relies on this personal boating business as her only source of income. Kessler says she’s lucky because there has been an increase in rentals since many want to get out of the house during the pandemic.

“As big as Los Angeles is, a lot of people didn’t know this was available, so during the downtime people are looking for more things to do. People in town are doing more L.A. experiences,” said Kessler

The couple offers a luxurious private charter experience with a captain at the helm. Guests can sit back, relax, and be served on the water. You can bring food from home or get takeout from restaurants nearby, of which there are many. The couple offers charter trips to destinations like Catalina or Malibu.

“People are looking for an escape. They are looking for a safe healthy escape with private groups,” Kessler said.

There are 28 other legal charters in Marina del Rey offering chances to be on the water. Kessler recommends looking for a legal charter so you can make sure you are safe and insured while on your trip.

“People aren’t able to make those overseas trip to Mexico, but you can actually have a great time as a family playing on water toys, unicorns, and paddle boarding. It’s just something about the water that brings out this playfulness in people,” said Kessler.

But if a personal charter is out of your price range, there are many other options to get out in the salty air. There are Duffy boats you drive yourself, paddle boards, kayaks and other options available to rent at the marina.

“I encourage people whatever your price range is to come to Marina del Rey, check out the parks, the restaurants, the fresh air. It’s absolutely stunning and I encourage everyone to come down to enjoy safe family activities,” said Kessler.