VALENCIA, Calif. – The art of scaring someone is not as easy as it sounds. It's a lot more than just recreating a monster's skin tone or getting the color of fake blood just right. 

Ask any member of Six Flags' Scream Team and they'll tell you, it's a true art form. 

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"We still like to do original characters with prosthetics," said Antonina, a member of the makeup team at Fright Fest. "A lot of the other parks, they’re trying to save time with masks, but we here at Six Flags, we’re one of the few parks that still does prosthetics.”

From first-hand experience, they do it very well. 

Because Halloween is the second-most celebrated holiday in the U.S. it provides local theme parks, like Six Flags, the perfect opportunity to lure in new guests during what could be considered their offseason. 

Pam Bugbee, who handles special events at Six Flags, said events like Fright Fest are a huge boost to their revenue — which is why they are constantly trying to keep their haunts new and exciting. 

“Every year we're trying to grow our event and do unique things," she explained. "We take a lot of ideas from our talent [and scream team]."

The Scream Team is comprised of men and women who specialize in transforming ordinary actors into zombies, demons, witches and more. 

Each of them goes through an impressive makeup process with prosthetics, air brushed makeup, and full wardrobe. 

“Why not?" Antonina said of the Halloween fun. "You get to be a character, you get to be someone else for a night, a brand-new character and you get to scare people.”

The goal is to feature original characters that will both entice and scare the guests inside. 

Six Flags Fright Fest runs throughout the month of October and into early November, giving excited tourists plenty of opportunity to get their scare on. 

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