LOS ANGELES – Some may know her as Snoop Dogg’s mother, but around here, she's known as 'Mama Green.'

Charity Mission Church in Los Angeles is one of Beverly Broadus Green’s main stops as she spreads a message of hope to the next generation. Over the years, she and her family have faced numerous public controversies, but that hasn’t stopped her from paving her own path of empowerment.

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“My thing is, is that I’m not ashamed of the things I went through in my life. If it could help one person, I don’t mind sharing it. So, I don’t care. It’s like my son has his own identity, he do his own thing, I have my identity and I do my thing and mine is basically working with everybody,” Green said.

Members of Charity Mission Church frequently receive faith-inspired words of encouragement from Green, who serves there as a minister. While she loves to focus on the spirit of never giving up, she also has a soft spot in her heart for helping women who are enduring domestic violence, a trauma that she herself has survived.

“I tell God, whatever it is that he wants me to do, give me the word for whoever is there,” Green said.

Last year, 114 women were killed in Los Angeles County, many of them due to domestic violence. Green is transparent with those she speaks with about her own journey of healing. Her hope is to help save someone who may be facing a risk of physical danger.

“By me going through some of that, mine’s was nothing compared to what these women go through now, and that’s why I want to help them, to let them open up. Because a lot of them will tell you ‘he’s not,’ but he is beating them, you know. And I want to pull the truth out of them,” Green said.

Whether inside or outside of the church’s walls, Green offers the nurturing love of a mother, and the wisdom of one who has overcome many battles.

“I go through conference, I go and talk to the young kids, especially girls, and they allow me to speak to them and give them some advice,” she explained.

As a beloved member of the Charity Mission Church family, congregants say they appreciate Mama Green’s warmth, approachability, and sincerity.

“I would just like to leave with the women, that they are somebody. And you don’t have to run nobody down. You don’t have to run for love, cause love is gonna’ find you,” she said.

And Mama Green plans to continue to find those with whom she too, can share her love and wisdom with.