CULVER CITY, Calif. – Creamy, decadent, and often seen as gourmet, but not anymore. Burrata is taking on new life at Burrata House.

One of the founders, Antonello Dato, loves this Italian cheese.

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“It’s the right amount of texture, flavor, and creaminess to every single dish. It’s perfect,” said Dato.

He says many Angelenos will go to a fancy, sit-down restaurant to get their Italian food, often spending a lot of money, but it doesn’t have to be that way. He wanted to make Italian food seem more accessible.

“We do easy to take away, easy to eat anywhere kind of stuff that doesn’t require a plate, but we pack it with the same ingredients you would see at an expensive restaurant,” said Dato.


They serve paninis and bowls with high quality, organic ingredients imported from Italy. The cheese is actually from right here in California to make sure it's fresh. Antonello moved from Italy just four months ago to help expand Burrata House.

He says this is how they eat in Italy, so why not do it here?

“We Italians eat this every day, for a half morning snack or what your mom packs you to go to school,” said Dato.

Eat like the Italians do at Burrata House located at 3272 Motor Ave. Los Angeles, CA. A second location just opened at Grand Central Market at 317 S Broadway. Los Angeles, CA.