SILVER LAKE, Calif. – Fresh, handmade pasta is what Alex Campedelli grew up eating in Italy. But he actually did not start cooking until recently.

“I didn’t cook at all to be honest for the first 30 years of my life,” said Campedelli.

Even though he was raised in a country known for its food, he actually became interested in Italian cuisine when working in New York.

He needed a side job while pursuing his music career and landed in a restaurant. After years of learning from one chef, his passion has shifted from the stage to the kitchen.

“To me, it was like an artist. He put so much passion into what he did. To me, it was like him on a stage and I was interested in that,” said Campedelli.

Campedelli's drive and fascination took him from dishwasher to executive chef. He loves all types of food, but says it was easier to learn Italian cuisine because he grew up surrounded by it. It was familiar to him.

“I learned to make fresh pasta and sauces. I already had some sort of background,” Campedelli said.

Another dream of his was to move to L.A. That's how he landed at Asso Pasta Bar and Wine. He worked with owner Alessandro Paciotti to create a new Italian experience. They add different flavors and ingredients to traditional dishes.

“I always like to mix different cultures and food,” said Campedelli.

You will see beet pastas and vegan options as well to satisfy the Los Angeles audience. None of the restaurant's handmade pastas have eggs.

“It’s something unusual, but I think it’s something that is the next thing, so I want to be prepared for that,” said Campedelli.

Have a modern Italian experience at Asso.

Asso Pasta Bar is located at 4019 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90029.