BURBANK – A SoCal fitness trainer is using innovative techniques to transform his clients' bodies and mind.

“I feel amazing every time I come to the gym. I feel like the endorphins are rushing through my body. You walk away feeling like you are incredible, like you are Superman,” Dr. Kien Vuu said.

Dr. Vuu has been transforming his health and body with the help of a celebrity trainer, known as “Eric The Trainer” Fleishman. Previously, Dr. Vuu said his eating habits and lifestyle led him to diabetes and hypertension despite, being a health advocate himself.

“Here I am taking care of sick people, telling them this is what you need to be healthy and yet, I was a chronic walking disease statistic. So it just felt like I was a fraud,” Dr. Vuu said.

Those experiences made him want to create a change. He changed his diet, started lifting weights, slept better and became conscious about his life’s decisions.

Through his health journey he managed to regain his health and transform his body with the help of Eric The Trainer, who showed him how to build a healthy and physical sculpted body through men’s physique.

The results from his workouts focus on proportions and aesthetics, rather than bulky muscles like bodybuilding. The look is more attainable for almost any man to achieve according to Eric The Trainer.

“It you’re involved with men’s physique you have to follow a very specific diet a very healthy diet to feed the muscles but to keep the waist small. The latest research tells us that the smaller your waist, the longer your life and conversely, the larger your waist, the shorter your life. And so in the name of good looks we’re making them phenomenal, but actually from a health standpoint, it really optimizes their overall health,” Eric The Trainer said.

In the last year, Dr. Vuu says he’s learned a lot about himself after taking control of his health. As he looks at photos of his body before, he describes what it felt like living life on autopilot. 

“It is a sad time. But really I am so grateful to have the world and my body manifest itself to me as something I didn’t want to be so that I could make the necessary changes to who I am today,” Dr. Vuu said.

His life and transformation will continue to be a work in progress. But he hopes his new lifestyle with men’s physique, he’ll continue to create a better version of himself each and every day.