By all accounts Truth Aquatics’ diving boats have sterling records, and are in full compliance with established regulations. And yet, lives were lost in a fatal fire which has shaken Southern California and its nautical community.

For insight into the tragedy aboard the Conception, Evening Beat anchor Amrit Singh spoke with Shelley Pittman, who says she’s been part of the Truth Aquatics family for over 40 years.

Pittman takes us inside the Conception’s structure, bed bunks, and stairwells.

“It’s only about six-and-a-half or seven feet between decks,” she shares, “maybe 10 or 15 steps” with wide stairs – wide enough to accommodate diving equipment.

The 75 foot, three-tiered boat -- made mostly of wood, as per standard -- had 110 life preservers on board, triple the number needed.

Pittman shared her thoughts on Truth Aquatics’ mission, the best path to escape a fire at sea, and reckons with the enormity of this loss, above.