LOS ANGELES – Take a trip to the Milky Way and have all the dairy you want. Even if you are kosher, The Milky Way is mixing up the kosher dining scene and it all started with Leah Adler 40 years ago.

“She was a very big personality that loved bold flavors,” said Executive Chef, Phil Kastel.

After Adler passed away two years ago the restaurant closed its doors. But her children, including Steven Spielberg, decided to re-open this year in honor of their mother whose presence is still felt in every inch of the space.

“Their mom was such a pillar of the community. People used to come to the restaurant just to see her and her big personality. So, they really wanted to give back to the community,” said Kastel.

Chef Kastel joined the team to update the menu with what they feel Leah would eat today.

“I really understood what Leah wanted in a restaurant and how she would want to expand it if she was still with us,” said Kastel.

The way it stays kosher is by using kosher ingredients and having no meat, only fish. Guests can have all the dairy they want, like this is a cheeseburger, but the patty uses Impossible meat.

“The fun part of this is learning and knowing that in our own pantry half the items are already kosher,” said Kastel.

Kastel did not have a kosher background so he studied a lot before creating the new menu. He brought in some extra help that every kosher restaurant needs.

“We have an on-site mashgiach and what he does, he really ensures we follow rules. He makes sure that everything is kosher and everything is inspected by him,” said Kastel.

Whether you are kosher or not, Kastel thinks anyone, especially vegetarian and pescatarians, should come and explore The Milky Way.

The Milky Way is located at 9108 W Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035.