HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – When you're moving to Hollywood with a dream, one of the hardest things isn't always getting an audition. It's finding a place to live. That’s why creative co-living communities are booming.

A passion for mixing colors and using pink to create beautiful art is why Christine Bagladi moved to Los Angeles from Chicago two years ago.

“L.A. is where all the dreams come true. I moved out here pursuing painting and art and color consulting,” said Bagladi, while working on a painting in the studio where she lives.

She didn't know anyone when she moved to L.A., but she was determined to stay, but stay where was her first challenge.

And then she heard about a co-living community specifically designed for creative individuals pursuing their passions that offered an environment designed to help Hollywood dreamers thrive.

“Since we're all creative, we all kind of bounce ideas off each other and we all thrive off each other's creativity, which makes it the most unique experience that I've ever had,” said Bagladi.

For the past two years she's immersed herself in the UP(st)ART Creative Living community where artists, actors, musicians, writers, directors, and dancers live, collaborate, and create together.

“On this campus, there's around 96 people in total. And then in UP(st)ART all together, we have about 418 members spread across the city," said Jeremy Adler, Founder and CEO of UP(st)ART Creative Living. 

Adler moved to L.A. right out of college to write and direct. When he ran out of money because rent was so expensive, he came up with the idea of a low-cost creative co-living business.

There are currently five upstart houses across the L.A. metro area with three more opening this year. Everyone who lives in the houses is pursuing a creative dream. Each of the houses is fitted with screening rooms, rehearsal spaces, and photo and recording studios, to give residents space to bring their creative projects into fruition.

The bedrooms are dorm style featuring “pods” in a bunk bed setup.

“This is my pod," said Bagladi, climbing the ladder to her bunk. "You have some extra storage right here for all of our shoes and our closet right here so we can hang up our clothes. The pod is soundproof, you have a lot of privacy.”

To move into upstart creative, your credit score, proof of employment and a savings account aren't needed. What is?

“Instead of giving us your pay stubs, if you're an actor, we say, 'give us your reel,' if you're a writer, 'submit your script.' So we're curating a young talented group of people that can all rise in their careers together,” said Adler.

Art and ambition have brought this diverse group of people together, and both Bagladi and Adler are making their mark in Hollywood.

To find out more: liveatupstart.com