WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. -- Sugar, spice, and everything nice, the Cake Monkey Bakery is bringing the joys of childhood to adults.

"It's about getting to that memory, that moment when you remember eating something that was so yummy when you were a kid," said Elizabeth Belkind, the bakery's owner.

Belkind is the chef behind these whimsical creations, but her business partner Lisa Olin was the fuel to the fire.

"I grew up in Mexico City, so this was not my pallet. When we first met, she used to carry around Ho Hos and Ding Dongs in her purse. I was like 'Oh she’s into this,'" says Belkind.

What makes a former television producer, with no baking experience, open up a bakery?

"I’m not a baker, but I love to eat sweets and I do love to come up with some flavor combinations," said co-owner, Olin.

Olin wanted to create a bakery that she felt didn’t exist, but that she had been wanting to go to.

"I love eating Ring Dings and donuts and Pop Tarts and all that fun stuff. I felt like I love these things, but I'd really love to eat the upscale version with the finest ingredients and all natural ingredients so I was like, why don’t I do that?" said Olin.

She had the idea to re-create childhood favorites, but needed someone to help bring it to life. That's where Belkind came in. The two actually met when Olin placed an add on Craigslist. The rest, you could say, was history.

"If you have an idea and bring it to your partner and then she has another idea that builds on that. Between the two of us, it becomes something great," said Olin, regarding the duo's partnership.

Whether it's dessert or a savory item, Belkind and Olin just want to make people happy.

"Treats make people smile. They love it. Seeing customers faces, it's heartwarming," said Olin.

Enjoy life and eat cake at Cake Monkey Bakery.

Cake Monkey Bakery

2805 Agoura Rd.

Westlake Village, CA 91361