BOYLE HEIGHTS, Calif. — It’s not uncommon to hear the soothing sounds of bolero music inside the home of Jesus Martínez.

It’s just one type of music showcased in a music series he produces called The Breakfast Table. It’s a way to bring live music into people’s homes during the pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • Jesus Martinez is a local musician and engineer producing a show called The Breakfast Table on YouTube

  • Martinez calls it Breakfast Table because it's done inside his home where he eats breakfast

  • Martinez is the owner of Decibel studios in Los Angeles

"It was the perfect time for us to do this because there is no live music anymore, and this is a way to bring live music to people’s homes," said Martinez.

It was a production that came together out of opportunity. Martinez is the owner of Decibel Studios, where he engineers, mixes, and arranges for different musicians.

“The studio room isn’t too big, so usually when artists come by, we sit down here at the table, we think about ideas, core progressions. Anything that we have to sort out musically before we go into the music room and record, we do it here," he said.

So Martinez had a friend record the sessions, and The Breakfast Table was born. There are now five segments and music styles ranging from Cuban folk music to an episode dedicated to El Dia de los Muertos, known as "the day of the dead" in English.

Martinez recently recorded with a group of musicians who will be featured in a future Breakfast Table episode. Rocio Libertad Mendoza is a performer and part of the bolero group Tres Souls. She explained how The Breakfast Table is a way to share the Latino folk music produced here in Los Angeles with the world.

"The music is something we can hold onto," said Mendoza. "It’s an identity for us. It’s part of our roots, so to be able to have that and to share it with the community is part of the Los Angeles fabric."

For Martinez, the series is a way to blend his love of playing music with his love of producing music.

“My main focus is to showcase L.A. talent, and of course we don’t only do folk music in Los Angeles. So eventually I want to get, I know there’s a lot of east L.A. soul bands. There’s a lot of hip hop artists here as well, and get all these different musicians and showcase the L.A. talent that we have.”