LOS ANGELES — Kasey Blausten is an artist and owner of Kasey Jones, Ink

"People started reaching out to me to do art for trade shows, their weddings, and their packaging. Six years ago, I decided to do it full time," said Blaustein.

What You Need To Know

  • Kasey Blausten created the 2020 Wall mural

  • The unique mural is located on the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills

  • The 2020 Wall has a message for the community

  • "Everything in the mural symbolizes how we had to stay at home, how we had to wear a mask, how we had to quarantine, but that’s in all hopes for a brighter 2021," Blaustein said

Her latest work is on display on the corner of Doheny, near Melrose. The massive mural is hard to miss. In a year full of darkness, Blaustein brightened up the street block with a colorful mural depicting the story of this year.  

It is known as the "2020 Wall."

"I love that it captures all the landmarks of Los Angeles. I am from Los Angeles. All of us who teamed up on the wall are from Los Angeles, so that really spoke to us," Blaustein said.

The mural has also spoken to many others who have tagged and posted pictures on their Instagram pages

The wall highlights landmarks such as the Staples Center with a sign that reads “Kobe Forever,” and Capitol Records with “2020 Census Records” on the building. It also includes the classic Cinerama Dome, the Santa Monica Clock Tower, and the Hollywood Bowl.

"Everything in the mural symbolizes how we had to stay at home, how we had to wear a mask, how we had to quarantine, but that’s in all hopes for a brighter 2021," Blaustein said.

Visitors who look carefully may find a few surprises, too.

"I always sneak my cat in," Blaustein laughed, pointing to artwork of her cat in a window.

Blaustein teamed up on the project with social media influencer Elaine Chaya and the Swedish vodka company Absolut Elyx. 

"[Chaya] approached me about creating this message with her and then we teamed up with Matt who owns the building. We just started working together to create what looking back but moving forward would look like in Los Angeles coming into the new year," Blaustein said.

The mural panels were digitally designed, printed, and fused to the wall. The team then used copper paint to add some finishing touches.

"I love it. I think it fits perfectly in this neighborhood," said Matthew Lavi.

He and his family have owned the building, which features this hot spot for murals called “The Doheny Wall” for more than three decades. Earlier this year, a mural on the building honored the memory and legacy of Kobe Bryant. 

"Tough times that we go through make us who we are, and so this is artwork that we can look back on in a positive way to remember coronavirus or anything rough that’s happened the past year," Lavi said.

Over the summer, Blaustein also did window art for businesses around town raising thousands of dollars for Black Lives Matter and other social justice groups, but the writing on this wall sends a message of hope.

"It made me feel happy to be doing something that could make people happy," Blaustein said.

She is happy to bid 2020 farewell while looking forward to brighter year ahead.

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