People across the United States who have lost their job or have been furloughed because of the coronavirus outbreaks are facing uncertainty including being able to afford housing. Larry Gross, executive director of the Coalition for Economic Survival, tells Inside the Issues many renters face high costs in a city where poverty is at the highest rate.

“Let's look at the situation prior to this crisis. The city of Los Angeles is a city of renters, 64 percent of the residents here are renters. Unfortunately, over 60 percent of those renters are paying unaffordable rents, paying upwards of 50 percent of their income to rent, leaving little more to pay for other essentials,” he said. “In Los Angeles, you have the highest poverty rate in the nation at 26 percent.”

He says homelessness could spike after the pandemic subsides. 

“We are the homeless capital of the nation. On any given night, upwards of 60,000 people are living on the streets in L.A. County and we have the most overcrowded conditions in the nation.” he said. “Because of the rents, people are forced to double up, and triple up, which also brings a crisis in regards to the social distancing we need. Nationally, seven out of the 10 most overcrowded zip codes are here in Los Angeles.”

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