The Los Angeles County Fire Department will commemorate a lifeguard tower at Mother's Beach in Marina Del Rey with a temporary installation in honor of community members with autism spectrum disorder.

What You Need To Know

  • The Los Angeles County Fire Department will commemorate a Marina Del Rey lifeguard tower with a mural honoring community members with autism spectrum disorder

  • The mural, which was designed and painted by an LA County lifeguard, will help to promote the department's "Sirens of Silence" program

  • "Sirens of Silence" includes training for first responders, sensory-friendly events and sensory-friendly equipment for patients

  • LA County recently approved plans to paint a lifeguard tower in the rainbow of the Pride flag, as part of a continuing program honoring communities throughout the county

The tower's mural includes a vibrant swarm of hearts "exemplifying an exuberance of joy, love and kindness," according to a statement released by LA County. The colors included in the mural represent the county's logo, the colors of the ocean, and the official colors of the LA County Fire Department. The mural was designed and painted by LA County Lifeguard Scott Snyder.

The tower's painting also helps to promote the launch of LACoFD's "Sirens of Silence" program, which provides educational training and information for first responders, sensory-friendly events, and safety-related and sensory-sensitive items for patients.

LA County Fire Captain Ron Haralson said the program was developed with input from LA County employees with kids or family members diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

LA County lifeguard towers seem to have become a favored way for the county to express support and solidarity with communities that have been traditionally marginalized.

Earlier this month, the LA County Board of Supervisors approved a plan to paint a lifeguard tower in Hermosa Beach in the colors of the LGBTQ Pride flag, following in the footsteps of a similarly-painted Pride tower in Venice Beach. The Hermosa tower also pays tribute to a Pride tower in Long Beach, which was destroyed by fire earlier this year.

Artist Millie Velasco will also create a painting of the tower, including the mural, for donation to the LA County Fire Foundation as part of a "Sirens of Silence" fundraiser.