HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — A picture is worth a thousand words, but for David Heise, his pictures are worth a thousand memories.

Heise, an advertising executive turned artist, has used his free time during the pandemic to pivot into creating personal portrait requests commissioned especially from families with furry friends.

“I work because I like to do this type of work, and it pays me. It’s finally gotten to the point where it’s making a difference,” Heise said.

Even his newly adopted puppy feels the difference. Heise’s love for animals shines through in his art work, and with many at home re-modeling their houses during the pandemic, a furry family photo is often the purr-fect finishing touch. 

“I think because people are at home more they are in their houses, looking at their empty walls, looking at their dog, all the sudden I started getting more calls,” he explained.

Heise credits the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for helping spread the word about his craft. Now, even the LaPeer Hotel in West Hollywood is featuring his pet friendly artistry.

Among those who especially appreciate his creations are the families who have lost their furry friends and want to memorialize them.

“Nine times out of ten they cry, and they’re crying for the right reason. Not because I did something horrible, but I did something to touch their heart,” said Heise.

Because there is nothing like art, to touch the heart.