NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — People of different denominations are coming together in person to worship as part of Saturate OC.

Meredith Friday came from Brea to attend the July 31 event in Newport Beach. It was her first time at Saturate OC, a service with singing, preaching, and baptisms.

The first-ever Saturate OC took place on July 3.

What You Need To Know

  • The first Saturate OC event was held on July 3.

  • The service includes singing, preaching, and baptisms.

  • The event takes place Fridays at different spots around Orange County.

  • Social media is helping draw new attendees.

“It’s not so much like when you’re in your house listening online," Friday said. "I mean that’s cool and all, but this is, I think, it’s a better experience.”

Friday, like many others, caught wind of the gathering on social media. They came from many different churches and hometowns, yet one decision unites them all: weighing the risk of getting sick versus the reward of group worship.

“There’s a risk involved with anything, but I think God got us here and it’s definitely a good way to preach the gospel,” Friday said.

Long before the pandemic, Jessi Green and her husband started planning Saturate OC.

“To be completely honest, I’m probably the worst person to ask about COVID and the reason is [that] when I decided to follow Jesus, I decided to lay down my life as a Christian,” Green said.

“When you see people turning out and responding, I think it’s just a little bit shocking and a little bit overwhelming that there [are] so many people that are desperate for God,” she added.

 Everyone is welcome at the service by the surf.