HAWTHORNE, Calif.  –  Maddie Silverman is celebrating her 80th birthday. 

“I’m a young 80, a very young 80,” Silverman said.

When it comes to feeling old, she doesn’t look it and she certainly doesn’t dance like it. 

So Silverman decided to make her driveway her stage and turn her block into a party. 


The residents of Holly Glenn came out to join the birthday boogie, grooving to a party playlist perfectly curated by the birthday girl. 

She explains her disco fever just took over. 

“Cause I can get it on that’s why,” Silverman said.  

The rules of social distancing may be new, but these neighbors have made a tradition of celebrating all sorts of life events together. 




Silverman has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years now, 

One of her best friends lives right down the street. Carol Wilbanks is 82 and helped coordinate the birthday disco.  

“Our whole neighborhood is our family, we do everything together we help each other out," said Wilbanks. 

At Holly Glenn, they truly are a family. 

Silverman knew just because they couldn’t be close, didn’t mean they couldn’t dance. 

And she wasn’t going to let quarantine rain on her birthday parade.  

“You only live once,” said Silverman.  

The former teacher is still teaching us an important lesson; if you need a little joy, get up and dance.

Happy 80th birthday Maddie Silverman!