RESEDA, Calif. – As the country continues to take precautions to slow the spread of the coronavirus, social distancing and self-quarantines have become the new normal. A dance party? Not so much. 

But one local LAUSD teacher and part-time DJ is looking to change that, hosting his own celebration and welcoming people from across the world to attend. 

At Brent Rosen's dance party, you don't need an invitation, you don't even need to leave your house — all you need is a computer or cell phone and your dancing shoes. 


"When we realized we were going to be at home for a while, my wife said, 'Hey maybe we should try putting on a virtual dance party,'" Rosen explained.

So last Wednesday, Rosen set up his DJ equipment in his garage, enlisted the help of his two children to set the tone, and created an event page on Facebook. Nearly 2,000 joined in on the fun. 

“Being able to take something that I love and that I’ve been doing my whole life and being able to do something like this with it," he said, "it was almost overwhelmingly amazing.”

And he plans to continue doing it. His next virtual dance party is set for Wednesday, March 25 at 4pm PT. He hopes that by giving people a chance to forget their worries — even if just for an hour — he can help to create connections and bring communities together, at a time when social distancing continues to physically separate them. 

“For me, when I do this, it’s about giving but it’s also for us too," Rosen explained. "In this case we’re seeing what good technology can do.”

To join in on the fun, visit the Dance Party Industries Facebook page and get ready for a great time.