SAN FERNANDO, Calif. – Beans were pretty easy to come by before the COVID-19 outbreak, but now, they’re in demand, like many other staples including rice and some vegetables. These are some of the items Magaly Colelli and her husband are selling from their restaurant, Magaly's Tamales & Mexican Grill, in San Fernando.

Colelli says she started selling the items because she noticed people were jittery.


“I saw that there was a panic and I wanted people to have that peace," she said. "To know that they were going to have that food on their tables without a problem.”

She ordered items from her distributor and went to restaurant wholesale stores to find what her customers couldn’t find in grocery stores. Colelli even sold extra inventory she had for her restaurant, only leaving what she needed for the day. 

“All my inventory that I had in stock which I had reserved for my business, I let it all go to people because I saw that there was a need,” said Colelli.

As soon as shipments come in, there are lines, as customers come in to find items including milk, eggs, butter, and cheese. 

“There’s no eggs in the store, so this totally helps me,” said Machaela Harrison, a regular customer at Magaly's.

Harrison say what the Colellis are doing sets an example.

“It’s an example of how God’s people are supposed to be, we’re supposed to help each other out and take care of each other and this is how she can do it for us,” said Harrison.

As for Colelli, she says she’s just helping the community that's supported her for decades.

“All these people that come here now are the people that support us, these are the people that are constantly purchasing food from us and literally keeping us in business,” said Colelli.