EL MONTE, Calif. – It is a tradition that has lived in El Monte for more than three decades.

For 57 years Sue Librenjak has lived in the same house on Gage Avenue. Every year she puts up Christmas lights.

“Every year we do it different. There’s no set pattern that we do things. It’s like the more lights, the better,” said Librenjak.


This is the 33rd year the entire block will be decorated. The neighbors take it seriously. They have a list of rules and offer help to anyone who needs it.

These days they even throw a block party and shut down the street for one night. Santa Claus comes and all of the children get a gift.

Librenjak’s children grew up with this tradition and so will the next generation. It’s a lot of work before this magical night.

“I don’t mind putting them up sometimes it’s taking them down, but it’s just fun because I mean it’s just so festive. It’s just a special time,” said Librenjak.

While it’s an exciting time, Librenjak admits this year will be harder. For the first time ever her daughter, who just got her first job out of college, won’t be able to make it.

“It’s going to be sad without her here, yeah it’s going to be sad,” said Librenjak.

No matter what, the lights on Gage Avenue burn bright.