LONG BEACH, Calif. (CNS) — Carver Elementary School in Long Beach will reopen Wednesday following a three-day closure prompted by a norovirus outbreak.

In a letter sent to parents Tuesday, school principal Monica Manipon said the campus underwent a “deep cleaning” on Saturday by an outside company, followed by another cleaning by Long Beach Unified School custodial staff on Tuesday. Objects such as blocks that are frequently handled by students were also disinfected, she said.

Although the campus is reopening, students showing any symptoms of norovirus were asked to remain home until 48 hours after they are free of symptoms.

City health officials said more than 120 students and 10 staff members may have been affected by the outbreak. Norovirus is highly contagious and causes vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and abdominal pain.

Manipon wrote in her letter that the school will conduct wellness checks for people entering the campus and classrooms and all communal water fountains will be closed, as well as playground equipment and playground structures. All group events such as field trips and after-school programs are being postponed, and no “co-mingling” of classes will be permitted at recess, lunch or during after-school supervision.

“The safety and well being of our Carver Cougars continues to be my number one priority,” she wrote. “I am confident that with the added measures, we will decrease the number of cases and in turn be able to lift all restrictions.”