LOS ANGELES – There’s no state or local agency in Los Angeles performing wellness check on the thousands of people recovering at home from COVID-19, so one reality TV show producer it doing it himself.

After months of meeting and treating coronavirus patients, Adam Rider worries a lack of follow-through by hospitals, doctors and public health agencies is putting communities at risk. 

What You Need To Know

  • Reality TV producer founded nonprofit to help coronavirus patients recover at home

  • He worries lack of follow-through by hospitals, doctors, public agencies puts communities at risk

  • No public agencies currently offer housing for COVID-19 patients

While most of us try to steer clear of COVID-19, Rider is facing the disease head on. He founded Flatten the Curve, a non-profit performing wellness checks on coronavirus patients throughout Los Angeles County. 

He’s been inside bedrooms hooking up oxygen tanks and dropping of care packages. 

But an encounter in May had him deeply worried about the spread of the disease – a 92-year-old man recovering at home days after testing positive for COVID-19. A local hospital sent him home to his senior’s only apartment complex. 

“It just looked like he hadn’t eaten,” said Rider, who checked on the man at the request of a doctor. “I gave him some food and it just didn’t sit well with me that night and it turns out he had fallen.”

On his second check-in, the man told Rider he’d been walking around the apartment complex when he fell. Rider asked a nearby fire station to check it out, but the man refused to go back to the hospital.


The property manager told Spectrum News 1 they’ve done all they can to protect their residents, encouraging them to stay home, but it’s up to the tenants to self-report if they test positive for the virus. 

Rider wanted to find a place for the man to recover away from other seniors, but no public agencies currently offer housing for COVID-19 patients.