LOS ANGELES – The already-troubling phenomenon of COVID-19 is being compounded as an increasing number of people are confronting physicians, online and in the ER with conspiracy theories.

Orange County Emergency Room Physician Dr. Jennifer Newton has a pneumonic device for vetting information and spotting possible misinformation.


A documentary called Plandemic was gaining traction online before Facebook and YouTube banned the film quickly after the filmmakers released it, citing "misinformation." The footage of the film is shown in the context of this interview in the video above to explain why some physicians feel conspiracy theories are becoming a health risk.

The film is somewhat hyperlocal, with its roots in Ventura. Its lead researcher is based in Oxnard. The non-profit production company linked to the film is based out of Ojai. The film features the two Bakersfield ER doctors who also went viral for urging the country to reopen. Now, in the course of 24 hours, the documentary has gone viral.