PARAMOUNT, Calif. – Church has had to change because of COVID-19.

Terry Beasley is the campus pastor for the Paramount location of the Chapel of Change. While he ministers, he wears gloves and a mask outside in the church parking lot.

Beasley leads a drive-through church service.


There are many reasons why people worship this way. Some are giving donations. Some are receiving donations. Some just need prayer.

Trucker and church member Ronnie Buenrostro typically watches his preacher online. Leaving the house is hard because of his wife’s autoimmune disease, yet they both choose to come in person to tithe.




“It’s an overwhelming feeling, brother it’s a good feeling you know we see them on livestream, but it’s good to see them in person. I want to hug my brothers, hug my sisters, but I can’t,” said Buenrostro.

There are a lot of familiar faces in the drive-through, but you don’t have to be a church regular to come.

“You see hopelessness. You see fear. You see worry and then you see some that [are] just excited just to be able to come out and just to be able to see you,” said Beasley.

Drive-through services are offered at the Paramount and Carson locations of Chapel of Change.