CALIFORNIA – California Governor Gavin Newsom has outlined six critical indicators the state will consider before making any modification to the stay-at-home order during the coronavirus pandemic.

The stay-at-home order was implemented to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19. While Californians are at home the economy, and health care across the state have been heavily impacted. The governor said any changes to the order will be based in a scientific and data-driven framework.


"While Californians have stepped up in a big way to flatten the curve and buy us time to prepare to fight the virus, at some point in the future we will need to modify our stay-at-home order," said Governor Newsom. "As we contemplate reopening parts of our state, we must be guided by science and data, and we must understand that things will look different than before."

California’s six indicators for modifying the stay-at-home order:

  1. Ability to test, contact tracing, isolating and supporting anyone who is positive or exposed
  2. Prevent infection for at-risk populations
  3. Hospitals and health care systems must be able to handle the surges
  4. Develop therapeutics to meet the demand
  5. Businesses, schools, and child care centers must continue physical distancing
  6. Ability to reinstitute measure like the stay-at-home order if necessary

The goal is to prevent the infection from spreading to at-risk populations while protecting the well-being of the public.

According to the governor, there is not a precise timeline for making any modification to the order, but these indicators will be the framework for making that decision.

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Statewide there are 71 new COVID-19 deaths bringing the total to 758. However, there has been a 0.1 percent decrease in people in the ICU, which is now at 1,177.