LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – Health and wellness isn’t always something you can quantify. Visit Laguna Beach has created a "Pathway to Zen" with stops along the way like Laughter Yoga that help you reconnect with yourself and see the city in a way you have never seen it before.

There are plenty of stops on the journey to health and happiness. In Laguna Beach, Southern California native Jessica Cable is experiencing an actual stop on Laguna Beach’s Pathway to Zen.

Walking along Main Beach, you might wonder what’s so funny, but this is laughter yoga. It’s one of 12 year-round stops on the real-life pathway throughout the city, and leader Jeffrey Briar has been teaching the gathering for 15 years. His Laguna staple was added to the Pathway when it launched last October.

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As a yoga instructor herself, Jessica knows the benefits of a good laugh.

“It massages the diaphragm, it creates more space for a more effective breath. And it’s fun,” Cable says.

What makes Laguna Beach special is its vibe. With wellness destinations becoming more popular, The Pathway is the first destination-wide trail offered by a city. According to the Global Wellness Institute, wellness tourism is projected to reach over $900 billion globally by 2022. From the beach to trails, six million people visit Laguna every year.

Cable herself lives in Newport and still had this stop to check off her list - a tarot card reading. Stacy Adams is a seventh-generation psychic, and for Cable the range of stops on the Pathway has made her experience the range of emotions that make wellness a different form of health because wellness can’t really be quantified.

“You’re doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing,” says Adams.

As she continues on her own path, from crystals to laughter, she is reminded of the way her own wellness is measured.

“I know that I’m moving closer to wellness just by looking at my relationships - my relationship internally with myself and my relationship externally with everyone else,” says Cable.

One laugh, one stop at a time.