LOS ANGELES – A tasty meal, paired with sanitary gloves. It sounds like a dream come true in today’s COVID-19 pandemic era, but Black Star Burger has been using and serving gloves since it opened in Los Angeles back in November.

“We serve our food with gloves. We did this before coronavirus, we’ll do this after coronavirus, and during coronavirus,” said Marketing Director Mikey Leo.

This means that with every burger you purchase, a pair of gloves is provided. It was once intended as a means to save the environment and cut down on napkins, but now it has also become a treasured health benefit.


“There’s actually been many times where people have been asking or snagging a few extra gloves. We are very open to helping people that are wanting to take our gloves with them. You know we want to promote safe and clean eating,” Leo said.

But even though the gloves are attracting some customers, the pandemic has impacted their sales, just like countless businesses around the country. They have had to reduce employee hours, and are providing coupons to stay connected with their diners.





On Tuesday, Governor Gavin Newsom outlined a set of policies to be enacted at restaurants once California’s stay-at-home orders are lifted, including taking customer temperatures at the door, requiring servers to wear masks and gloves, reducing the number of tables by 50 percent, and providing disposable menus.

In the meantime, Black Star Burger is staying afloat by providing discount specials.

“We’re contacting all of our neighbors, and people in the neighborhood. We are providing them with discounts and coupon codes. If you come in for a pickup order, you get 15 percent off your total order. If you do a pickup order and order one burger and one side, we provide a free soda can. That’s a limited time offer,” he said.

Limited time offers for a hopefully limited season.