LOS ANGELES – Each dairy and gluten free scoop of Bougie Bakes’ sweet treats is made with passion and love. That is Ryan and Meghan Quinn’s mission.

The young Manhattan Beach based couple who started the online company aren’t only providing healthy sweet treats, they are sharing them with those who are less fortunate.

“Bougie Bakes sort of grew organically from, wedding prep, we got married in May 2018, to wow this could be a business, to, wow we’ve outgrown the home kitchen, we need a commercial space,” Ryan Quinn said, Co-Founder of Bougie Bakes.

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Ryan and Meghan work together with their team of bakers to deliver their highly demanded dairy-free, gluten-free goodies to their online customers. But this year, on Valentine’s Day, they are preparing for a special delivery, dedicated to the residents of the Downtown Women’s Center.

“I feel really fortunate to be able to work with my husband on a daily basis, given that it is the season of love, we thought this would be a really great way to show how much we love and value women, so this is just a small way for us to give back to those that are less fortunate,” Meghan Quinn said, Co-Founder of Bougie Bakes.

Packaging the freshly baked treats, Ryan and Meghan say there is no better way to celebrate their love together as husband and wife on Valentine’s Day, then by choosing to serve their community.

“We don’t take for granted that we are married, get to work together on a daily basis, so we wanted to say hey we are in the sweets business, we’re in the baked goods business, that goes hand in hand with Valentine’s Day, so let’s make something and do something special for people,” Ryan said.

The couple hopes to see authentic smiles as the women receive their baked goods on the day the world celebrates the spirit of love.

“We want them to just feel loved and supported in the community. We hope it just brings them a little bit of sweetness to their day.”