It’s that time of year, when two hearts beat as one on a special day made to celebrate lovers. When some go down on bended knee, new lives are created and cupid lets fly his arrow,'re single.

Buzz kill!

So in this Virtually Rick here’s some uplifting fodder for those who aren’t coupled up. 

First up, some encouraging numbers to make you feel better.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were over 34 million single person households in the U.S. in 2018 and by now much more. So if you’re single you’re definitely not on your own. A quarter of all households in California are single. But the highest number of single households is found in Washington, DC,  at nearly half. House party in the nation’s capital anyone?


Looking for single men? Go west, young…person?

According to studies by Wallethub and NerdWallet, head to Oakland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Long Beach or San Diego.

Looking for the most single women? Go east, website Trulia says.

Washington DC, Atlanta, N.C., or back to El Paso TX. Although, if you’re looking one of the best cities to find rich single men and women, look no further than your own L.A.

And just because you’re human don’t think you’re the only species that's single. 

The animal kingdom is full of those quite happy not to be on Tinder or Match. Only 3-5 percent of mammals are known to bond for life. And scientists think that one of the main reasons we humans have this drive to be monogamous is probably because it takes such a blinking long time to raise a child so it survives.

Whereas in nature, the young grow and go, leaving the parental nest. But we humans have to be responsible and pay for college, their clothing, and Wi-Fi.

Here are some of the cute animals who also prefer to spend quality time on their own to make you feel better.

  • Polar bears - like to roam on their own!
  • The platypus – he likes to stay-outy-pus!
  • Skunks aren’t - stay at home punks!
  • Orangutans - like to hang…unless it’s time to mate. 

Anteaters, black rhinos, sloths, sea turtles, honey badgers, even the common frog, all love that single time. 

Feel better now? I thought you might. 

Just remember that Valentine’s Day is but once a year. 

And Singles Awareness Day is just around the corner. 

Wait a minute. Singles. Awareness. Day? That spells 'SAD.' 

Who came up with that?

Probably some couple!