LONG BEACH, Calif. — Southern California is full of great beaches to explore, but one beach in particular is full of regulars who keep coming back to run, swim and make friends — furry ones, specifically.

Spectrum News 1 visited Rosie’s Dog Beach, a place where a local dog named Duke loves to let loose and mingle with other canines.

"Every time I come here, there’s different dogs here," said said Eddie Jurak, Duke’s owner. "People come from all over the world to come to dog beach."

Rosie’s Beach is named after a bulldog whose owners led an initiative to designate a segment of the sand in Belmont Shore for canine recreation and relaxation. Since 2001, dogs have officially been able to go leash-free on the beach, so long as each dog is accompanied by an adult.

"Not too many places around you can have dogs off leash," Jurak said. "Once they get here, they get to enjoy the beach like everyone else."

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